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Top 6 Technologies To Learn In 2022 : (Technologies In 2022).

With time, new technologies are evolving to help address global challenges and make life simpler in the coming years.Therefore it is necessary to abreast your skills with these Top 6 Technologies To Learn In 2022.



Top 6 Technologies To Learn In 2022
Top 6 Technologies To Learn In 2022.

The rate at which the covid 19 pandemic has affected our lives in the past years and will continue to have an influence on our lives in several ways in 2022 hint us at the state of humanity and job situation. There is no doubt such influence won’t have a significant impact on the job market across the world. Therefore it is necessary to abreast your skills with these Top 6 Technologies To Learn In 2022.

Despite the existence of the virus, there have been substantial technological transformations in the field.

In the course of the pandemic era, we have seen the use of advanced technology to save lives. 

 With time, new technologies are evolving to help address global challenges and make life simpler in the coming years.

So in this article, we will be discussing the Top 6 Technologies To Learn In 2022 and the requisite skills required to learn them.

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Let dive in, 

Artificial intelligence or ai.

Artificial intelligence or ai.
Artificial intelligence or ai.

Number one of the list is Artificial intelligence or ai:

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing business sectors and making our lives easier by automating complex tasks and making future predictions.

ai is playing a great role in medicine, manufacturing, education, and mobility from self-driving cars to smart devices. 

ai also used by big companies in their application building. The top companies working on ai are Google, Microsoft,  Tesla, IBM, and Facebook. These companies are building robots and chatbots. 

Requisite skills required to learn.

Some of the skills you need to possess to become an expert in artificial intelligence are 

python programming, 


 machine learning and 

deep learning. 

The current markets expect the global artificial intelligence market to grow from 58.3 billion US dollars in 2021 to 309.6 billion US dollars by 2026 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 39.7%

with so much advancement in the field of artificial intelligence and companies spending billions of dollars, there’s absolutely no doubt that ai is the future.

quantum computing.

quantum computing.
quantum computing.

 On the 2nd of the list, we have quantum computing.

Quantum computers are now a multitude of times faster than regular computers. And to make the expert mark in the trending technology making of innovations in the field of Quantum Computing, you need to have experience with quantum mechanics, linear algebra, probability, information theory, and machine learning.

quantum computing uses the properties of quantum physics to perform calculations and simulations that would not be possible on a traditional machine.

quantum computing is a tool that’s changing the face of several industries including medicine, biology, and climate change. 

In 2019, the quantum computing market was dominated by the quantum annealing category, based on technology. 

This is because the physical challenges in its development have been overcome, and it is now being deployed in larger systems. That year, the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) division held the largest share in the market, on account of the rapid expansion of this industry. 

Additionally, banks and other financial institutions are quickly deploying this technology to make their business process streamlined as well as secure their data.

By 2030, Europe and North America are expected to account for more than 78.0% of the quantum computing market, as Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and Russia are witnessing heavy investments in the field.

Huge brands like Microsoft, Google, IBM and Intel are putting in much effort to build quantum computing tools.

The quantum computing market is valued at $507.1 million in 2019, from where it is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 56.0% during 2020-2030 (forecast period), to ultimately reach $64,988.3 million by 2030.

Requisite skills required to learn.

To learn quantum computing, you need to know

  •  programming
  • mathematics
  • mechanics,
  •  scientific computing and 
  • algorithms.

Cyber security.

Cyber security.
Cyber security.

Number three, we have cyber security

 The rate at which several organizations, individuals, and other parties has encountered cyber attacks in the past few years has raised the question, what should be done.

Between the period of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak and now has seen a rise in the number of cyber-attacks across the globe, therefore the pursue cyber security holds a significant fight to go for.

Big brands and governments are investing much to fight the high rate of cyberattacks.

In 2021, Cyberattacks used ransomware as their attack vector include attacks perpetrated against the Colonial Pipeline, Steamship Authority of Massachusetts, JBS (the world’s largest meatpacker), and the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department.

 These attacks against U.S. companies and organizations result in a shutdown of critical infrastructure, which can create shortages, increased cost of goods/services, financial loss due to shutdown of operations, and loss of money due to having to pay the ransom to the hackers.

The worldwide tally for cybercrime will continue its stratospheric growth over the next five years, according to a recent report published by Cybersecurity Ventures. 

While there are numerous contributors to the rise in cybercrime — which is expected to cost the world more than $6 trillion by end of 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015 — the most obvious predictor is a massive expansion of the global attack surface which hackers target.

2020 also saw an increase in the frequency of cyber-attacks and higher ransom payments.

 According to Harvard Business Review, the amount companies paid to hackers grew by 300%. 

The sudden increase in remote work and more lax security protections at home gave hacker groups the perfect opportunity to breach sensitive data.

According to reports the global cybersecurity market size is estimated to grow from 217.19 billion US dollars in 2021 to 345.4 billion US dollars by 2026.

Requisite skills required to learn.

  • Knowledge of operating systems.
  • Networking.
  • Virtualisation.
  • Programming.
  • Logical reasoning and troubleshooting.

5G Technology.

5G Technology.
5G Technology.

Number four on the list is 5G Technology. 

5G is the 5th generation mobile network.

It is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. 5G enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything including machines, objects, and devices.

5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users. 

Higher performance and improved efficiency empower new user experiences and connect new industries.

With an increase in video conferencing, high demand for reliable connectivity, better bandwidth are crucial and that’s where 5G Technology is needed.

 According to the GSM association, 5G networks are estimated to have more than 1.7 billion subscribers across the globe by 2025.

This impact is much greater than previous network generations. 

The development requirements of the new 5G network are also expanding beyond the traditional mobile networking players to industries such as the automotive industry.

Several studies have revealed that the 5G value chain (including OEMs, operators, content creators, app developers, and consumers) could alone support up to 22.8 million jobs, or more than one job for every person in Beijing, China. 

And there are many emerging and new applications that will still be defined in the future. Only time will tell what the full “5G effect” on the economy is going to be.

 A few key brands in the 5G infrastructure industry are Qualcomm, Google, Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Ericsson, Cisco, and Nokia networks.

According to reports, the worldwide 5G services market is anticipated to increase from 53 billion US dollars to 249.2 billion US dollars by 2026.

Requisite skills required to learn.

  • Radio frequency (RF) principles and fundamentals
  • Network functional virtualization 
  • Software-defined networks
  • Edge computing
  • Network splicing
  • Spectrum
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Scala
  • Julia
  • R
  • SQL
  • Spark
  • Hive
  • C++Unreal
  • HoloLens
  • Network protocols 
  • HTTP
  • HLS
  • DASH
  • HDS
  • ABR


Blockchain is one of the contemporary technologies with a bright future.

currently, blockchain is revolutionizing almost every sector banking, healthcare and politics are a few industries that may profit from establishing a decentralized digital ledger that monitors and saves data in several locations making forgeries difficult for companies that use it.

Blockchain developers need to know concepts like cryptography data structures and computer networking.

Reports state that by 2022 worldwide expenditures on blockchain infrastructures are expected to reach 11.7 billion us dollars.

cloud services.

cloud services.
cloud services.

Cloud services go a lot more than just a robust storage solution.

The year 2021 proved to be a watershed moment for cloud computing just like the year before.

It allowed more flexibility for companies to operate in the face of Covid 19.

According to its experts, cloud computing will be at the forefront of all technologies to address significant business issues in the next few years.

Few companies that have moved to the cloud is Pinterest, Instagram, Netflix.

Requisite skills required to learn.

To target for a successful career in cloud computing you need to have knowledge of databases, programming, Linux, networking and APIs

According to research, it is expected by 2022, revenue from the public cloud sector will be to increase to 331 billion us dollars.


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Liverpool vs. Real Madrid: Where to watch it live.

The UEFA Champions League final has arrived and the teams that met at the 2018 finale are again on the verge of deciding who will lift the trophy.




Liverpool vs. Real Madrid league finale

The UEFA Champions League final has arrived and the teams that met at the 2018 finale are again on the verge of deciding who will lift the trophy.

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Liverpool FA Cup victory at Wembley

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Despite their successive spirit in the English leagues this season, 90 minutes of action will determine the champion.

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Liverpool vs. Real Madrid 
Liverpool vs. Real Madrid 

Who will win ?

As part of their quadruple title race, Liverpool has been crowned champions of the Carabao Cup 2022 and FA Cup 2022 but was halted by taking the English premier league as Manchester City worked a 3-2 comeback trick on Aston villa to grace the league champions.

Real Madrid on the other hand has already been crowned champions of the La Liga title. 

Will Real Madrid repeat their victory over Liverpool as it happened in 2018? or Liverpool will continue their title race despite not being able to win the English leagues?

Well, 90 minutes of action will determine who will lift the trophy at the 2022 UEFA Champions League final.

And Extra-time and penalties are available if the two teams cannot be separated after 120 minutes.

Liverpool v Real Madrid team XI.

Liverpool predicted XI: Allison; Alexander-Arnold, Konate, van Dijk, Robertson; Keita, Fabinho, Thiago; Salah, Mane, Diaz

Real Madrid predicted XI: Courtois; Carvajal, Militão, Alaba, Mendy; Casemiro, Kroos, Modric; Rodrygo, Benzema, Vinicius Jr.

Liverpool & Real Madrid road to UCL final.


  • Who: Liverpool vs. Real Madrid 
  • When: 28 May 2022 at 9 p.m local time in Saint-Denis.
  • Ghana lives coverage 19:00 GMT.
  • Where (venue): Stade de France in Saint-Denis, France. (After UEFA decided to move the final out of Russia as result of ukraine invasion).

How to watch Liverpool vs. Real Madrid live

 The game will be streamed live via 

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How to protect your WhatsApp account from hackers .





How to protect your WhatsApp account from hackers.

WhatsApp has become the most preferred social messaging app for many and as result, more scammers indulge in ridiculous activities to scam innocent, naïve, and ignorant.

Many users have been victimized to the extent of losing data and some hacked accounts are being used to collect money from their loved ones

However, users have an option to prevent their account from being hacked


How can I secure my WhatsApp?

You can secure your WhatsApp account by following these tips:

  1. Never share your registration code or two-step verification PIN with others.
  2. Enable two-step verification and provide an email address in case you forget your PIN.
  3. Set a device code.
  4. Be aware of who has physical access to your phone.
  5. If you receive an email to reset the two-step verification PIN or registration code but didn’t request this, don’t click on the link. Someone could be attempting to access your phone number on WhatsApp.

How to protect your WhatsApp Account?

To protect your WhatsApp account from being hacked, you need to enable two-step verification in your WhatsApp account.

What is two-steps verification?

Two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to users’ accounts.

This prevents a third party from accessing an individual’s account without the user’s approval

Does two-step verification work on WhatsApp?

Two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your WhatsApp account. You’ll see the two-step verification screen after you successfully register your phone number on WhatsApp. The two-step verification PIN is different from the 6-digit registration code you receive via SMS or phone call

how to activate two step verification on WhatsApp.

two-step verification screen

Follow the steps below to enable two-steps verification in your WhatsApp account:

Enable two-step verification

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings.
  1. Tap Account > Two-step verification > Enable.
  2. Enter a six-digit PIN of your choice and confirm it.
  3. Provide an email address you can access or tap Skip if you don’t want to add an email address. …
  4. Tap Next.
  5. Confirm the email address and tap Save or Done.

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4K Tokkit

4K Tokkit and 4K Video Downloader make it easy download any TikTok videos.

TikTok is known as the home of videos where individuals show their talent in a multicultural way. This has become the daily part of users of this platform. The video shared by numerous users comprises of how-to and fun 🤩 vibe with a certain enthusiasm

Sometimes users wish to have these videos uploaded to TikTok on their devices for offline and be able to share them on different platforms with their loved ones.

This article explains the steps you will need to download your preferred TikTok video for offline consumption.

So let dive in and lay down the steps…

How to Download Short TikTok Videos with 4K Tokkit?
How to Download Short TikTok Videos with 4K Tokkit?

How to Download Short TikTok Videos with 4K Tokkit?

Follow the simple steps below to start downloading.

1. Launch  4K TokKit. It’s available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

2. Enter the name of the TikTok account or hashtag you want to download videos from.

3. Select the suitable option from the search results.

Tip: You can narrow your search and download only videos that were posted on a specific date or time period. Click the settings icon located to the right of the Download button. Open the in-app calendar and set the preferable date or time range.

4. Click the Download button.

That’s it! Wait a few seconds until the download is finished, and enjoy watching the TikTok videos.

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